Better way of working with Loops In Cubasen and a 'Loop Track'

I think being able to select an event and designating it as a loop element within the current project would be useful.

This would cause a few things to happen. When designating a region/event as a loop, you are given a window to name the loop and categorize it (verse, fill, breakdown).

This would create a new list in your right zone media bay, which lists all the loops you’ve created within this particular project so you can access them for reuse throughout your work, and to keep track of what you’ve already created. You could preview the loops sync’d to tempo.

If you have an arranger track, you could “apply loop to Arranger Sections: /list/” on "loop track ‘DrumsMain’.

This brings me to Loop Tracks.

Loop Tracks could have a bunch of unique features. If you add a 4-bar loop, that loop is essentially automatically duplicated “forever”, until you either add a different loop at a certain point, add a section of “mute”, add or a “end loop” designation. This saves time having to duplicate something.

Loop tracks would be able to detect off-time region lengths, apply time correction to the grid, quickly switch time correction to 1/2 time, 2x time, etc.

Unique controls like a slider for how much/which dynamic hits are audible in a loop - like a dynamic quick editor. Also, it could give you dynamic control over different dynamic peaks in the loop so you can make quieter peaks louder, or louder peaks quieter.

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This is such an important feature! You constantly have to re-mark the different arrangement loops in the song to work on them. And for single patterns, the repeat (copy+paste shortcut) function is annoying. With Logic, I just activate the element loop and set a new element when something changes. Perfect.