Better way to approach Tie

Better still, start thinking in total note values ignoring barlines. Alt-. typed repeatedly will give you dotted, double-dotted, triple-dotted etc. notes, split correctly according to the meter and position within the bar.

I think I have changed my key commands… when I press alt - or alt + it spells note enharmonically.

EDIT: sorry my bad you meant alt and period…got it now…this is super simple I did not know that one thanks

There’s an excellent podcast called Cautionary Tales that I have greatly enjoyed since a friend recommended it to me, and one episode in particular has stuck with me – about the potential consequences of additional “safety measures”, and how they can end up causing the exact problems they were designed to avoid.

I think about this episode quite often – and just to be clear, not only in response to this thread! Today just so happens to be the day I decided to share it.

Here’s a link with a transcript and also the podcast audio for anyone interested:


This is absolutely important for people to get their heads around.

It is much faster and easier to simply select one note value and enter that (even when it spans the barline, and have dorico do the rest of the heavy lifting than to try and enter multiple notes and then tie them together.