Better way to edit audio track?

Lately I have been more successful in recording some gypsy jazz guitar tracks after A long long time of just playing with Cubase.

I will lay down several parts and inevitably some notes just don’t sound right as the tracks are played back :open_mouth: and I need to edit a note or two out. Right now, I snip the section out then delete it.

Is there a way I might be able to snip a section and rather than delete it, I can mute it until the decision is final that it needs to go?

Punch in will be my next big challenge …standby

yes, u can mute some parts of audio

But before u will continue use Cubase check Getting Started videos on YouTube, that will save u a lot of time, believe me.

There’s also a shortcut key to mute the selected event(s). I have it set as Alt-M to toggle mute, but I think the default is Shift-M and Shift-U (to unmute).


Very much appreciated…