Better way to save projects?

Hi folks,
I almost exclusively do mastering/editing on individual songs in the audio editor and then render the mastered track which then ends up as a new tab in my project. I have had issues where I wanted to go back to old projects only to find that I had never saved a wavelab project, but rather just the audio file.

Is there a way to set in preferences that when I close wavelab it will save the project (not just the audio) or is the only way to go through the “save as” steps and then select project, etc, etc. That seems a bit more convoluted than I’d like, but I’m still pretty new to wavelab so hoping I have missed something. Thanks!

Use the WaveLab Montage. Keep all the FX inside the montage as clip FX and/or montage output FX. Render new files with the plugins applied. Then you can always go back to the saved montage and change things in the montage and render new files.

I almost never use the standalone audio editor part of WaveLab.

Thanks. I’ll look in to that. I’m not really using any clip effects-just the master section. One thing I really like is the ease of just exporting straight from Cubase into the audio editor in Wavelab. That’s the main reason I use that-never really even looked at the montage.

Hi … The direct answer to your question… Is there a way to set in preferences that when I close wavelab it will save the project … is, at least as far as I know, ‘no’.

I come from the charmless world of audio post and there project organization is king. Maybe think about establishing a project template to use for each project.

So, for example, have sub folders for pre/pre edits/post/post src/settings/WL (for montages and WPR)/ProTools (Cubase)/etc.

In the WL sub folder have a template session WPR saved. Create your new session from that (renaming it) and it will always be ‘findable’.

Hope this is of some help.

FYI it’s actually easy to make a montage from the audio file in one move using Shift+T, if you ever did want to try using the montage. The other advantage of the montage is that it is non-destructive.

Ah, that’s an important piece of info. It’s hard to help without all the info :slight_smile:

I don’t use this workflow so I can’t really help then. There is a way to save the global master section settings as a preset but in my limited experience, this can get messy and is more prone to user error (forgetting to save or load the right preset with the standalone WAV file).

If I were in this situation, I’d bounce/render your stereo mixes out of Cubase when you are done mixing, and then master them in the WaveLab Montage which is what it was made for. If you need to go back and change a mix, you can easily replace files in an existing montage.

All the settings are stored, and it’s a non-destructive environment.

I don’t really understand what the difference is between doing what I do vs working on montage-other than losing a couple features in montage that I have in the audio editor. Keep in mind I’m working on individual songs-not montages of songs. The thing I’m trying to do is save steps. To be clear-when I’m in Cubase and I go to close a project, Cubase asks if I want to save the project. Saving the project saves…well…the project. In wavelab when I go to close the project it asks me if I want to save the .wav file (not the project). Saving the wav doesn’t save a project. Maybe working in montage does that when you close? I guess it’s a matter of adding extra steps at the beginning or at the end. :wink: in any case, a lot of it has been in just learning the wavelab workflow. Saving the master section as the name of the song has worked pretty well for me.