Between 11.0 and 11.1 my UAD plugins folder is gone

I have up/downgraded several times and always the same. Any other UAD users here have this experience, or has my M1 mac mini gone crazy? I can see the new UADx folder, but that’s only got the new series of ports.
Maybe this is by design?
Thanks for any replies!

11.1 doesn’t support VST2 plugins in Apple Silicon mode. You can use 11.1 in Rosetta mode if you need UAD plugins for now.

The normal UAD plugins are VST2 only. UA had nearly a decade to make VST3 versions but they chose not to when virtually every other plugin developer did.

The new UADx versions are VST3 but as you see, only a very few are available so far.

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Hi Justin- Thanks for the reply. That’s UAD for ya! I’ll try the update to 11.1 again, and see if the rosetta option is there.
Aren’t Apple stopping using it soon? if so, ARGGGGH!

No need to install the 11.1 update again. The installer and app are “Universal”. Just CMD+I on the WaveLab app in your applications folder and you’ll see a check box to run in Rosetta mode.

I’d share a screen shot but I’m currently on my Intel Mac Pro.

Thanks justin. I removed 11.1 from system, am on 11.0.3, which has all the plugs so I need to re update. I’ll get back to you in a bit.

Ah. Yeah, just look for the Rosetta check box when you choose “Get Info” on the WaveLab application icon.

It’s easy to toggle between Rosetta and Apple Silicon Mode without reinstalling everything.