"Between the Earth & Sky"


a new tune.

Between the Earth & Sky

A summer project, done…so now I’m off to Sydney for the cold winter, but where the family and
friends will be as warm as toast. :wink:

Jet :sunglasses:

:sunglasses: Usual high standard, Jet. Great lyrics too :sunglasses:

And yet another well-crafted piece of ‘aural-art’! Everything sounds just right to me mix-wise and performance-wise, and once again your poetic lyrics are an inspiration. Maybe not a song that stays with me like some of your others have but still a pleasant journey none-the less.

Nice job Jet! :sunglasses:

Man, you make me want to quit!

Great aural piece, nice impressionistic lyrics, and great guitar solo – wish it went on longer. Also – the part where the bass began playing the straight 16ths under the 2nd chorus – where in the F did you come up with that? Brilliant.

Awhile back I was watching a local jazz quintet at a bar, and a friend of mine was playing upright and during one section of a swing tune he started playing straight 8ths – I don’t think I’d heard that before, and it was very cool

My only nit is when the band stops abruptly the first time, it sounded like a weak edit… I know such a stop being accomplished via a hard edit is a common practice; I would have preferred it if the band just stopped and we heard the reverb/room tail afterwards. In any case, you might revisit that edit. Then again, I may be bonkers

yes a good song, really like the edit with the stop, i am doubting about the suggestion of a tail there, could work :unamused: , like the end tail very much so…
Did you use the pitch correction on the vocals in the first verse? wondered if it was obvious there a little…
Take care…all the best in Sydney

Hi Jet,

Great song, again! :slight_smile:

I Like the changes in the verses, especially the major/minor change.
Sounds very good, as usual. :sunglasses:

Have a great time in Sidney!
Say hi to Taylor for me.


Thanks to all for the comments, appreciated. Am happy you like the recording.

The lyrics: partly inspired by daily circumstances,
partly due to the fact that I live in two worlds—Asia and Australia.
Ebb and flow, pull and tug, today and tomorrow, now and the future,
here and there, joy and sorrow. Etc.

OK, on a plane tomorrow. Three weeks in the Antipodes. :smiley:

As everyone here says, 拜拜!

一路平安 :slight_smile:


Well, I DID say:

Then again, I may be bonkers


didn’t know that expression until now… :laughing:

Very nice


You paint with a fine brush in crisp, yet subtle hues my friend. It is a fine song and most enjoyable to listen to. And yes, it moved me.

Do enjoy your trip.


Your stuff is always so good that I hate to suggest anything. But…
You come right in with the string pad just when it seems you’re going to rock a bit. I wished you would save that for later and put some guitar there instead.
Love the keys, bass and drums though.

I enjoyed it, cool track with fine lyrics and instrumentation.

Well done, great lyrics well thought out arrangement great playing and decent mix.
Kenny Zarider

Great track, like Doug I thought it was a shame it was over already.

Sweet. (…but I knew that it would be) :sunglasses:
Your tunes give me the opposite reaction that Doug has. They make me want to keep writing. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice production subtleties throughout. Tasty, tasty rhodes playing. Nice touch - the drum fill that plays through the first line of the first chorus.
No nits.


Thank you to all who have listened and commented.


…Poifek!! :wink: :smiley:

Really enjoyed that, especially the guitar towards the end. Lovely bass and drums as well. Any real drummer, or all vsti? Great stuff.