Between The Lines

First song post here in what… a year or so?
I guess I’ve been a tad busy… :wink:

Between The Lines
©2016 Rushton & Knock

Well, last thing I’m going to do is say anything critical about this, cuz, where you been man? Not sure, is this a client thing? Love the high vocal parts, definitely the chipmunks! Glad you’re back!

Welcome back Ian, I’ve missed your thoughts and musicianship. Cool track, good pop.


Sound good Ian! Nice catchy song.

Not my kind of music, but the production sounded top notch here, congrats. I just didn’t liked the snare sound, but could be just a matter of taste as I’m into rock/jazz.

very good recording.

Hi Ian,

long time no see 'round these parts.
Although we did “see” each other not too long ago! :wink:

I’d still like to hear a bit more edge to that vocal.

Interestingly, I gave Mon a “blind” listening (i.e.
no clue it was you or your client). She thought it
sounded great, but she wondered if the singer was
“too feminine”.

Anyway, as you know, I also think the production is first class.

The client must be happy.

:astonished: what is that image about? OMFreakingG why don’t my
projects look like that? :confused:

Thanks for the feedback gentlemen. :sunglasses:

Stylistically this is somewhat outside my usual, but thought it was time to dabble outside the comfort zone.
The ‘feminine’ singer was selected and hired by the guy who pays me, chosen from the selection of session singers on offer at website.