Beware: Import Tracks from Project not fixed in C9

I cant believe this simple simple and stupidly dangerous bug was not addressed in C9. It was identified early on in 8.5

The Import from Project Bug:
Select File-> import from Project
Select a project file to import tracks from
Copy to Project is checked by default. Now select the channels in the project you want to bring in and hit OK

Result: The files are in the project window but behind the scenes they reference the original location (usually the Audio folder of the other Project file that was queried).

The problem is: By default the checkbox for Copy to project is checked but in the software that it not recognised. You have to explicitlly uncheck and check it again to Copy to project

How could this NOT have been fixed in C9 or even 9.01. I reckon its a 10 minute fix

Anyone give a dam about it?

Of course we do but… there is not much us forum users can do about this.

So… have you submitted a “Bug Report” in the CB 9 forum that references the bug # (BON #) that apparently was identified in CB 8.5?

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It was a reported issue in 8.5

I’ve now submitted a fresh c9 bug report. Nonetheless some discussion / highlighting / people power from forumers may put emphasis on a fix

What are the problems that would follow from that? Could the source project itself be inadvertently changed?

When you import the audio the files are referenced from the other project. If you then delete these files from the project you have brought them into they will be deleted from the original project.

I lost a songs live drum tracks because of this bug in front of a client. I could have potentially lost a lot more if I hadn’t noticed what was happending. I had to call back the session drummer at my expense.

There should be a third option on this feature and that’s NOT to import ANY media. This is where you want to bring in the tracks from another project ready for recording without any audio

I had no idea, thanks. This is confirmed? If so, what an amazingly poor application of a new feature. I’d think Steinberg should put it as a sticky at the top.

Is there any way of looking at my current project and identifying which tracks were brought over from other projects in that fashion?

And would applying, “Make Real Copy” after importing protect the source data?

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After import

I don’t care too much, but I have made it a habit to do a backup of projects to my ssd work drive, and only work on that copy. But I guess I have just been lucky with my workflow, and yes it is a known issue, for some time now.

I don’t see this issue listed in “confirmed bugs”.

The Pool will tell you the file system locations. If you keep each of your projects in its own folder, you would have to check if you have media files in one project that are physically located in another project’s folder.

Presumably if you “archive”, the files are then copied into the new project folder?

Back up Project, works for me.
But again I do a lot of OMF imports from Protools, and I have learned my lesson the hard way.
That’s why I do a Back Up Project, to a work drive, to make sure all the files are in the same place.
I never delete anything, just move it to different drive (12 TB NAS)
Not that I don’t want to have this fixed, just saying be careful, the media we produce is the real value and should be handled as such.

This issue can affect situations where importing from portable media as well… The files will be gone afterwards when you try to re-open the file.
Back Up Project is not working properly for me my bug report is here
No one has confirmed if my repro steps are showing same results
It’s unreliable for me and often takes me multiple tries for it to work.
I would highly advise anyone using Backup Project to confirm the files are copied by closing Cubase completely then reopening the backup and checking the audio pool has indeed changed.

Hope so too. The don’t always make issues ‘official’ and most them as likely, internally, they very well could already have addressed it.
If not, after next update I will be checking for sure.

I did look at your issue but have not been able to confirm, however I will try again when I have time. Can we please keep the focus of this thread on the “Import Tracks from Project” bug though, so as not to muddy the waters? mart has reported the bug here.