Beware of Tguitar

As this has no Demo I had to learn it the hard way (burning my money) and want to advice you to buy the UVI versions of the Acoustic Samples acoustic guitars directly from Acoustic Samples instead of Tguitar. I used the UVI versions since years and they are rock solid. Tguitar gave me already 2 script errors after only 10 minutes.
Sorry, this is shit. I think they know, why they don’t offer a demo.
The sound is great, but the UVI versions sound great as well.

Folkfreak–I bought Guitar and have not not had any problems with it. I thought it takes some time to get used to because it needs to learn how to transition between chords but I liked the features and the sound for a non-guitar player. I use MAC and Cubase 11.

transitions have nothing to do with script crashes in Halion.
I know how to work with Tguitar, as I worked already for over two years with the Sunbird and the GD6. Those have exactly the same operation, except that they are rock solid.
Btw on my next try it crashed in solo mode after about 2-3 minutes of playing. This time so hard that none of my remotes in Cubase worked anymore (generic and Mackie control based) until I restarted my PC.
All the crashes happened in Halion standalone and Halion sonic. standalone. Haven’d tried it in the plugin versions so far.