Beyond the 1/64th notes.

How do I go beyond them ? I don’t want to introduce freehand work for various movements of clips etc, so how is it possible to go beyond the minimum snap ? Playlist I could enter numbers into the clip details , but what about the key editor ?


you can switch the Grid off. Use shortucut “J” or the icon for this.


Hi, and thanks for the reply.

I was kinda referring to that when I said i’d rather not go freehand. I’d like to keep the snap on, but go to 128th notes maybe one step further, 256 notes, it’s purely for adding groove, but instead of me guessing what looks like half a 1/64th, i’d like to leave snap on, and zoom in again and add it on the lines.

Seeing as it only hits on the 64th (AFAICT) I cannot go beyond this unless I disable snap.

Hi, oh, I see.

So you can use Tuplets. If you set Grid to the 1/8 and use Tuplet 2, it will be the same grid, like if you set 1/16 Grid (without Tuplet). If you set Grid to the 1/8 and set Tuplet to the 4, it’s the same, like set 1/32 Grid (eithout Tuplets), etc.

So, if you set 1/64 grid, and Tuplet to 4, you will get 1/256. If you set 8 Tuplet, it’s… I don’t know. :slight_smile:


AAH You are a star my friend, thank you so much.

There was me thinking i’d RTFM seems I need to read it again.

Aloha LeVzi.

Kool thread!

And thanks to Martin for that info.
I have not used the ‘Tuplet’ feature (till now).

Mahalo guys

Yes, this is not common use. Common use s for triplets, 5-tuplets, 6-/7-/9/11-tuplets, etc. grid. This is just bonus. :nerd: