Beyond The Rocks and Fog

In days gone by online collaborations were bountiful here and I have been steadily revisiting much of the work I was involved in here between 2003 and 2010, remixing and remastering. Unfortunately I also have discovered that i am missing quite a few backups… some of my favourite tracks from that time included. :frowning:

Anyway, I wanted to share this particular 13-minute tribute to a fallen comrade, Tammo Trueper who was an active and valued member of a much earlier incarnation of this forum. 20-odd forum members were involved in this project at the time… around 8 years ago,

Beyond The Rocks And Fog

It’s a big listen! But so many artists wanted to jump onboard in honour of Tammo (credits on the Bandcamp page) - it ended up being a 125-track Cubase project for me! :astonished:

Here’s a bit of background

An epic piece Ian, much respect for the quality of arrangement and VERY high production values…great change around the 5.50 mark…which was needed!! arrived just right!!
fab guitar work…is that you?
Wim is awesome on the sax, would’ve liked to hear more of that :slight_smile: such a beautiful sound he is clearly a very accomplished player …
no catchy chorus and lots of parts :laughing: :laughing: but I think the song is better for it…it’s got class :slight_smile: if other listeners can’t get through it then it’s their loss in my opinion.
it is a shame about the lack of collaboration as was in the time you mention, i would be keen to be part of that but I think at the mo on this forum most people (but not all) just use it to but something up and then scarper…the next time you hear from them is when they put another track up, they then presumably start wondering why nobody is commenting on their track, maybe they’ll figure out one day that being part of this community means putting in as well as taking out…
at the mo I think you can count on one hand the people that bother to comment…without them this forum is dead :frowning:

anyway, I thank you for being a part of this forum and all the help you have given me in the past and let there be more of this amazing music from you :slight_smile:

If I wanted a sax solo from Wim d’ya think he would do one? I’m scared to ask him :laughing:

I’m currently working on a “mini epic” inspired by your recent 17 minute “epic” 'cept my “epic” lasts for around 6 minutes, just waiting for some guitar parts from RWzblues…hopefully next month, so some collabs are goin on :slight_smile: :smiley:

enough from me…best to you Ian…Kevin :slight_smile:

wow didt seem like 13 mins ,although i did have a coffee break ,excellent stuff,when wim came in near the back end i thought yeh this is very pink floyd .is that you doing the lead vocals .excellent guitar work are there a couple of different players in there who was doing all the eddie van halen type licks ,great stuff.only nit pick was the kit or snare sounded a little boomey ,and i would have dropped the kit when the sax came in .excellent song ,have you ever heard of an english band called terrorvision ,the vocals reminded me of their singer a bit. epic stuff and i never even noticed a keyboard ,im sure there was one in there somewhere filling out or creating a back drop, soundscape or something.

Cheers guys. :slight_smile:

The singer is a very talented German gentleman by the name of Wolfgang Menzel - not only a singer but knows his way around a guitar, keyboard and was pretty good with orchestral stuff too. Wolf features on a lot of my early work and actually inspired me in many ways.

Quite a number of guys played guitar parts on this, I’m in there somewhere but my parts were lower tempo quite sedate compared to the up-tempo shredders!

…at the mo I think you can count on one hand the people that bother to comment…without them this forum is dead

This forum is now a mere shadow of it’s former self in days gone by.

Yes… you may well be right. The drums were live, but I did play around with snare substitutions. Went round in circles a bit and settled on this one… but maybe the one I had last week was better! Choosing snares drives me nuts! :imp:

Yeah, I have a few mini-epics around that length. It’s a good middle ground length for epic works. :smiley:

dosen`t Doug normally chime in at this point :laughing:

Well I don’t recall this so I suppose it was before my time, even though I recognize a lot of the names. I’ll admit I like your newer epic a lot better, but it must have been quite a challenge to coordinate all the parts you received. Mighty effort! Thanks for sharing this bit of history.

:sunglasses: A fitting tribute. Tammo’s passing aside, those were the good ol days.