Bezier curves and Virgin Territories don't work together.

After updating to Cubase 9.5 I loaded a project in which I use many Virgin Territories (Automation).

For example, if I start with 50% and then go down to 0% in the automation, everything runs normally.
But then I have such confusing automation effects in the plugins where you can see that the fader or potentiometer is moving,
these have an effect on the sound.

Although no further automation will follow in this area.

With Phalanx and Avenger you can observe this very well.

Have also already test wise times the automation deleted and rewritten, but same result.
Even on PadShop Pro you can adjust this effect.

I shut down the Virgin Territories and make normal automation trips then it runs.

Under Cubase 9.0.30 it runs flawlessly with Virgin Territories.

yep, it seems VT is completly broken… at least for me on my system… cubase 9.5 doesn’t read the previous value when moving in a virgin territories so it is totally unusable… it’s a HUGE failure from steinberg not having adressed that before release… i’m pretty mad to be back to cubase 9 because they have broken a function I use every day and was working very well…
I’m made a video of the problem and a post for it…

Good to know I’m not the only one who notices that.

Having the same problem here, it is really awful when you have to bounce your old project in Cubase 9.5, the automations just won’t work! Please fix asap.

Yes, virgin territory is completely broken. Not only the terminator point doesn’t have influence on the actual virgin territory but on exporting a mix down the value that cubase adds at the begging of a project when using virgin territory is completely ignored!