Bezier curves in automation.


This is the main feature that makes me miss other “logical” DAW’s.

Add Note Expression and regular MIDI controllers to this, please!

after moving to cubase from fl I must say I’ve since gotten used to working without curves on automation and I like how it gives you absolute control over everything.

however I have to +1 this thread because I think if it were an option to use curves (not “draw curves” using many points but to create two points and then create a curve between the two points like in fl) I think this would be a godsend for workflow and creating more expressive automation parts.

would love to see curves added (but as an option, keep the ability to have full control over everything)



Optional stuff can never hurt if made well.





I’ve been asking for this for the past few years. =[



+1 yes this would be a big timesaver. Suprised there still isn’t this ability in CB

This is essential these days!
Big +1 for bezier curves.

Also please give us additional line tools, as found in S1, for example a SAW wave (handy for automations which are currently not easily possible within cubase).

A SAW wave will give access to interesting automations which are important for EDM style music.

+1 (!!!)

I am not sure what bezier curves are! could anyone explain?

anyway i made this request, might have something in common:

I understand that this has been a request for years but here’s hoping someone is reading this from Steinberg. Please!


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Yes please! For VST and MIDI controller data please! And btw add “part-based” automation for VST when you are at it…