Bezier curves in automation.

I would also like to see Cubase support drawing curves for automation data. But let me point out what I think Logic Pro has gone thru with respect to automation curves.

Implementing (e.g., Bezier based) curves for automation may seem trivial to do on a computer, but when you start to scale up the number of tracks containing non-linear automation, and you are tyring to play them all back in real-time - and maintain latency compensation, then depending upon how its implemented - it may not be so trivial after all.

What has been seen in Logic is bouncing tracks using automation curves for volume, panning, plug-ins, etc. could create low level glitches in the audio. The glitches were at -50 or -60 dB in the audio corresponding to the start/end nodes of curves in the automation data. So while the glitches are anything but obvious on a meter wiithin a dense mix, they do however degrade the overall clarity of the mix. This could also explain why some folks with good ears and/or high quality gear would notice that the result of boumcing in Logic did not sound quite right.

Now Logic has a fade tool, and can be set to automatically add fades between audio regions. To implement this, Logic would write fade files to disk - but the data could get confused/corrupted. What I do not know is if automation also utilized fade files to save data, e.g., an interpolated series of discrete values that represents a curve to be passed to the correct parameter in software. Only recently - as of Logic Pro 10.1 however, did Logic get rid of fade files, so maybe this has also eliminated glitches generated by automation data.

I mentioned this to Gregg Ondo, who pointed out that Cubase does automation and fades in real time w/o any intermediate files.

So while it may look ugly to see discrete values for automation all bunched together on lines in Cubase’s “arrange” window - consider this more straightforward (linear) implementation of automation data might help everything happen in the mix correctly.

Some DAWs may take an intermediate approach, e.g., offer predefined curves (and not arbitrary curves) for fades/automation. Predefined curves can have look up tables with predefined values - maybe less of a real-tine constraint compared to generating values on the fly.

I would love to see midi/audio hybrid tracks like in ableton. Where you can set the midi input from that midi track but also route the audio directly to that midi track for rack instruments, so you don’t have to go down to the vst instruments folder to do things do the audio channel. Kind of similar to their vst tracks but with rack instruments.
This and, of course, bezier curves would be a reason for me to switch to ableton.