BFD 3 Multiple Outputs keep switching

For some reason when I assign multiple outs in BFD 3 in Cubase 12 some of them, at least the first few mono outs change back to master. Such as assigning mono outs to individual Kick and Snare Mics. Never had the issue before Cubase 12 and earlier versions of BFD3. Not sure if it is a bug with BFD3 or Cubase 12. I use a lot of multiple outs for analog summing and using VST for on individual BFD3 drums and room mics. Anyone else have this issue, and is there a workaround besides converting each drum mic part to audio?

Re. Outputs switching. I am using BFD3 here with Cubase 12.3 Pro (Windows 10) with no issue, at least of this nature. I had an irritating nag screen about a missing library which appeared when I moved to C12, but I have now fixed it I think, by re-installing BFD.

Thanks for the reply. I did switch to MAC since Cubase 11. Windows 10 and Cubase 11 I had no issues with BFD3. I was curious if anyone else was having this strange behavior. I might try to reinstall BFD3. At this point I convert all drum tracks to audio to put them inside Universal Audio Luna , to mix , “ not a DAW” program as UA would say. LUNA does not have multiple vst output support yet with numerous other important features. So I usually write and record in Cubase where I would like BFD vst3 multiple outs. Thanks.

It was a BFD3 bug. Solved by the very last update. Check this out.

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Thanks for the help. BFD seems to have fixed the issue. I just did a quick test. I am not using the Virtual Instrument multiple outs presently because the track I am mixing is in Universal Audio LUNA which does not have AU Multiple Outs yet. Very young program. But the best sonics due to the the summing extensions, tape emulations, and their DSP algos. Not cheap for their “free’” MAC only music production software.

That is entirely subjective. Mixbuss has a similar DAW approach praised by their fans as “the best DAW”, but also that one has serious issues as LUNA. Still many prefer “clean” DAWs or don’t use any summing. And if you really want you can easily add those emulations to every other DAW.