BFD Eco Drum Mapping/Key Mapping

Hi - I’m using cubase essentials 5 and have just bought bfd eco. Is there anyone who can help me out with mapping the drums in cubase? I don’t really understand drum maps or indeed anything midi related…

All I want to do is get cubase to trigger the drum sounds in bfd eco - or put another way, when I drag a midi loop into cubase from bfd eco the loop plays cubase’s drum sounds rather than eco’s. I also want to be able to drop a groove from eco into cubase and then edit it if need be but I guess until cubase triggers the sounds in eco which I guess is related to the drum/key map, I won’t be able to! Can anyone give me a step by step idiots guide???

Many Many thanks in advance

Did you ever sort this out? simple but important question I would have thought but I notice you got no replies.

I have a similar question. I have just upgraded from Cubase SL to Cubase 7 Artist and I am now using this Groove Agent thing whereas before I was using Native Instruments Kompakt ( better sounding stuff I thought ). The only map I have available is GM and this doesn’t map to the drum sounds in GA and I can’t for the life of me find how to create a new drum map.

Any help about your experiences would be appreciated.