BFD outputs and Nuendo

Hi I’m hoping someone can enlighten me here. I have just started to use BFD for creating drum tracks and I’d like to get the BFD mixer to send each strip/drum to a seperate channel on the Nuendo mixer. You can send all the different drums in BFD to seperate outputs on it’s internal mixer but that’s as far as I’ve been able to go. How do I get Nuendo to see these BFD outputs, I haven’t a clue as to where to start, I’m using BFD as a plugin atm on an instrument channel, is that my problem should I use it as stand alone and try the external instrument busses? If anyone can shed some light I really appreciate it, 'cause I’m in really unfamiliar territory here. Take care Logan

As I look farther into this maybe I’m on the wrong track, maybe i have to export the BFD drums as audio and then import them on seperate channels. I haven’t used the export on BFD yet so i haven’t a clue how it works but I believe it will export indivdual drum chanels, again any info that sets me on the right track is appreciated. Take care Logan

You can have all the individual drums on separate Nuendo channels. When you insert BFD, choose the one that says BFD Ultimate to get all the channels, or BFD Groups for less (there are more options than this, but I’m not in front of my DAW at the moment, so can’t remember what they’re called).

Ok I’ll check that out, (also not in front of the DAW) but I think the real solution is in the exporting. When I open the mixer in BFD I see individual mixer strips for each drum and all the mics on that drum (Snare top and bottom etc) and for the room mics, the OH mics, the ambient mics and the master.They default to the master buss. You can then set each strip to out put on mono 1, 2, 3 etc or several stereo busses for the OH etc. Then you just export them as audio and you get each drum individually as a mono or stereo wave file, import them into Nuendo and you’re stylin’. I’ve only been playing with BFD for a few days so i just got ahead of myself. Hopefully my stupidity will benefit someone else whom has a proclivity for jumping in without RTFM :wink:. Take care Logan

Hi, if you want to use multiple outputs in any instrument you have to build a VST instrument CHANNEL. Press F 11, insert BFD Ultimate and activate multiple inputs to Nuendo by clicking the small square icon far right. Good Luck and have fun with BFD!!!

Thanks man I’ll definitley check that out. Although I’ve used Nuendo since V1 I only have so far used it like a tape recorder in my studio. Until now it was pretty much just an endless stream of live off the floor roots type bands, BFD is my first venture into using instrument tracks, I had no idea they could do multiple outs as I haven’t even investigated them in the manual. I’ve changed my focus to concentate on my own writing and BFD is the rythym of my demos and if I can get it spread across a bunch of nuendo mixer channels, more like a kit that I’ve tracked, it’ll be very kewl. As I said I’ve managed to export the BFD tracks and import them which has accomplished that but if I can wait to export until final mix I can tweak the drums a little more in BFD. take care Logan