BFD Timing Error

This is not a problem with Cubase 6 as it’s way too fundamental. I’m obviously made a basic mistake but for the life of me it’s not obvious.

I’ve been working on a track that needed something and all of a sudden the drums that are courtesy of BFD2 are way out of sync. Now I know I could shift the midi track thats supplying BFD2 but I would need to line it up by ear, which is not too big a problem, but why have I suddenly lost the sync on the drums? everything else is audio and I’ve mixed this track before and the drums were in sync. It’s got to be an oversite on my part but I cannot fathom why the drums have went out of sync.

Any ideas?

Did you toggle Restrain Delay Compensation, somehow?

I had the same problem with Reaper yesterday. At first I thought I was really tired then I soloed the drums and noticed they were in time, just offset wrt to audio.
Maybe this is a BFD bug ? What version are you using ? I’m using 2.031 64bits + Reaper 4.14.
Will check under Cubase 6.05 x64 when I have the time.

I’m using 2.2.048 and no I did not have restrain delay compensation activated. I think I will import the midi from another previous version and see if that is out also. Any other ideas guys will be most welcome.

Well, you can assign the midi to an internal gaOne or whatever to see if it’s a BFd bug…I’ve not seen it. My guess is that you have an audio plug in not reporting latency correctly…or you somehow changed the tempo or time base of the project, which under most default circumstances will affect the timing of midi but not audio.

Gonna say this again–ALWAYS print the drums as audio as soon as you get them how you want them.

I re-imported the bass track and it was out of sync with the “same” bass track, so it looks as if I have somehow moved the bass track though it was locked, anyway looks as if I done something without noticing but all is fine again, shows that backing up is essential. Thanks for the replies.