BFD2 & 3 details not saved


I already asked at Fxpansion forum and some people answered it’s a cubase issue… Maybe someone knows how to keep all BFD settings ?

Here (from Fxpansion forum) :

I’m a BFD, BFD2 user since long time.

I’m now trying BFD3 with a friend of mine pc. In BFD2, some articulation details were not saved and I’m noticing it’s the same in BFD3 ! For instance, the articulation trim of a snare such as ‘roll’ remains at 0db when opening again the cubase 9 (or 8.5) project…

Have a look here :
And here :

Is there anyway to keep all BFD3 settings in Cubase ? If yes, I’ll maybe update to BFD3 otherwise, no for sure.

Thanks !

Nobody uses BFD on cubase around here ??

How does BFD works with cubase for you, BFD users ? Tell me ! :exclamation: