BFD2 Load and Save Problems in 8.0.5

I have discovered I cannot use the load or save menu options for BFD2 when I open the VSTi in 8.0.5.

For instance, I cannot load a preset, or a kit, or a key map. The little load/folder icon just lights up and nothing happens. The same thing happens when I try to save a preset, kit, or key map.

If I open the exact same project in 7.5 it works fine. It worked fine in 8.0., so I’m assuming it’s a new bug in 8.0.5.

I now have to close my project, open it in 7.5, load or save what I need to through BFD2, save the project, and open it back up in 8.0.5. This is extremely frustrating. I use BFD2 as my drums for every single project. I have the 64 bit version, so it isn’t related to the many 32-bit/VST bridge issues Cubase is plagued with.

This is conjunction with the skinny scroll bars, not having basic text editing functionality in the track name info area makes using this software aggravating. On the plus side, the VST plugin manager and render-in-place are awesome.

UPDATE peAk discovered a workaround for this. See peAk’s post below.

Is there a dialog box behind the plugin window?

No, it’s not the “Always on top” problem. I wish it were just that. It’s at least possible to work around that without opening another project. I’ve done everything I can do to find out if the dialogue box is hiding somewhere.

Same with Fxpansion Geist. And there’s nothing behind the windows. I’ve submitted this via the Issues forum…still waiting for ‘approval’.

Vespian, after yours gets approved in the Issues forum I will add a reply regarding BFD2 - in case it’s a general issue with 8.0.5 dealing with FXPansion menus.

ANOTHER issue I noticed today. Wth?

This one is a pretty big inconvenience.


No kidding - now, in Geist, you can’t even change things like engine outputs, choke groups, export audio, etc. Sure hope they can fix this fast… :unamused:

Okay, I’ve testing this and it is a problem

That said, what works for me is if I keep the left button pressed as I drag down to the kit button. It then will show the kits.

Hope that makes sense?

Thanks. It does work that way - but awkward as hell. Eesh.

Peak, thanks so much - that works! It’s a bit of a pain, but it sure beats having to re-save projects in 7.5!

No problem, there was some luck involved.

I did by accident and then tried to figure out how I did it.

It is strange but at least there is a workaround for now.

Thanks, same issue here (BFD2) and the workaround works. It didn’t happen before the .0.5 update.

Confirmed here too.

same here with BFD2 64bit in C8.05

Same here on 8.0.5 with BFD Eco… Didn’t try the workaround yet,hope it helps for now.

Hmmm. Looks like there are more problems than just loading presets. Can anyone here loads FX or assign channels to busses?

just tried it and it’s not working.

Here’s a workaround: Hold the right click as you select the effect and it seems to work

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I alerted FXpansion to this problem (in case the issue is on their end). Grateful there are some workarounds, but they are awkward.

I confirm in FXpansion except BFD3, but you can save and open as a vstpreset, which are connected to Mediabay, I prefer using, now I’ve spent some time testing it.

More BFD2 weirdness…I found out today that in 8.0.5 I can’t drag-and-drop instruments to assign to keys in the keymap. It looks like it lets you do it, but immediately after I try there is no instrument assigned to the key. And unlike the load/save issues, holding down the left mouse button doesn’t seem to fix the problem.