BFD2 not working correctly (Cubase 8.0.5)

Today I had major problems running BFD 2 after updating to Cubase 8.0.5

It was not possible to assign Midi Triggers to Kit Pieces, I could not open saved Maps for Midi Mapping or Automation and had to restart Cubase several times because BFD 2 just hang there.

After rolling back to Cubase 8 it works again without a glitch.

Since updating to Cubase PRO 8.05 64 bit I now find that the menu items no longer work correctly in BFD2.3.1 Clicking the menu item “load” for example still produces a drop down but clicking “load kit” in the drop down does not bring up the kit selection window as it used to do, so you cannot load a kit into the plug in. Loading a project created with Cubase 8.0 has the kit loaded but you cannot change any kit pieces or load an alternate kit.

Since posting, I have found there is a thread in the general forum on these issues. There is a work round for the load kits issue and mention of other issues using Cubase 8.05

i had the same problem and wirh bfd 3
fixed like you … went back to v8.0