BFD2, would you recomend it??

Been looking into getting BFD2. My music shop has a great deal on right now. It gets a great write up in Sound on Sound, but so on the other hand does Superior Drummer2. As I understand it though Superior Drummer drum sounds are slightly more processed and thats not what im after.

What i want to check is,… First of all does this thing work OK with Cubase 6 (64bit on Windows 7)?

Secondly, how is this thing for achieving funk and jazz sounds. That kinda vibe is really important to what im working on and id love to know if any of you guys could recommend it?

Much appreciation for any responses.


if you like drums, real drums (you know what a drum recording mean & it’s much easier than real recording)) go for it now it’s only 149$ ! for me best drum sampler on the market cause you can tweak as you want it’s not the toontrack side (for me it’s too “much” processed at the start)


Yep, the expansion packs and the core kits are very open and clear for the most part. However, there are a few kits coming out that are more processed for a specific vibe. I got the Siebenberg (Supertramp) kit and love it. Especially the timbales … as they are also processed so they mix well with the kit. Bozzio just around the corner! Can’t wait for Roto madness.

Could anyone point me in the direction of any other expansions??

Go to the bottom of the page to find the jazz & funk kit. But, to be honest any kit will work for either. It’s a matter of setting up the mics and effects properly. Jazz tend to play quieter and let the kit ring out more. Funk tend to use damping and control the ring a bit more. For example, the custom absolute comes with a jazz brush preset that sounds completely different than the stick kit, which would be more funk oriented. But, it’s the same kit.

BFD2 is simply incredibly good.
Not only does it work - for me, flawlessly - within both Cubase & Nuendo, it also works superbly inside Drumagog 5 Platinum as a triggered drum replacement tool.
None of the others seem to do this - I cannot use SSD4 in D5, for example.

here’s some link :

Nice one, thankyou all!

Just to add,… I got it. Completely blown away. Definitely the right choice.

Yea I got it too, even though I am very happy with Addictive Drums. The price was too hard to resist as I have heard too many good things about it.
I got the boxed version and I am still waiting on delivery. I found out the download version is reduced to 20bit samples and the boxed version is 24bit.

Keep in mind that they did extensive testing between 20 and 24 bit formats before making that decision. They basically concluded that there is no detectable difference because of the noise floor of environment and recording process.

Don’t forget the platinum samples expansion kits. They are great. If you like rock drums, evil dums, Andy Johns, new rock legends kit and the Jim Scott packs are top notch.

Sonic Reality recently got in the BFD2 game and have released Neil Peart’s kit and are in the mist of releasing all of the ken Scott kits. Not to mention all of the Emrich’s expansions available. It certainly is the platform if you want a large variety of options.

Yeah im aware of Platinum Samples. The guy from them made himself known to me on GearSlutz and Ive been checking out their website. Good expansions was actually a big factor in me getting BFD2 and Platinum were definitely part of that equation. Though im not looking for rock drums, they certainly have drummers there that im interested in working with.

Ill be sure to check out those you mentioned. Thankyou!!!

IF there’s any other good 3rd party expansions for BFD2 id be very interested and most grateful if anybody could point me in the right direction.

the 64 bit beta is still iffy for me, cubase will hang on exit if it’s in a project. Also the x86 and x64 .dll get confused so quite often cubase can’t find the x64 version when first installed and doing it’s plugin scan.

I’ve been a huge BFD fan since v1.0 but the whole x64 progress has been VERY slow IMHO.

Superior drummer x64 works so much better. It’s a shame as I have all the libs for BFD including platinum samples( I have a HD dedicated solely to BFD) but for the last 18 months since going x64 it’s not been a great experience.


that’s odd, the x64 version of BFD does NOT hang x64 Cubase for me and quite a few other people I know. I have it in pretty much every template.

BFD x64 also doesn’t crash for me. How could the 32 bit and 64 bit plugins be getting confused? Do you point your 64 bit Cubase to your 32 bit folder? I keep all 64 bit plugins in one folder and 32 bit in another with a separate 3rd folder for those 32 bit I want to bridge. This way nothing should get confused.

In a way i just kinda think im so glad its not me. Got BFD2 working in 64bit here and it works like a dream. Not really had any ‘issues’ with it at all. Certainly not any crashes or projects hanging. The 64bit integration is seamless. Im yet to try any of the expansions and have seen a few threads that hinted of problems in this regard. I guess it seems fine so far so im hopeful that when I try them it will just be more of the same.

Just adding that the 64-bit version has been working without a hitch. Only odd thing I have had happen recently was cymbals getting cut off. Closed the project and reopened and it was fine. Only happened that one time.


I do a similar thing, but not quite the same. I have a 64-bit only folder and a 32-bit only folder and a 3rd 32/64 combo folder.

32/64 combo is for 32-bit VSTs that work fine in 64-bit (and there is no 64-bit equivalent) and is used by both Cubase 32 and Cubase 64
32-bit only is used by Cubase 32 only
64-bit only contains 64-bit VSTs and JBridged 32-bit VSTs (where the dll lives in the 32-bit only folder) and is used by Cubase 64 only.

This way I can run either Cubase-32 or Cubase-64 and get working versions of all VSTs.