BFD3 Crashing in Cubase Pro 8

This program is crashing continually when used as a plug in
I also have other plug ins opening as a white space with nothing in it
Just spent a truck load of cash on this software (Cubase and BFD3) and I am very stressed about it not working

no problem here with BFD3 and Cubase Pro 8.10 x64.

I’m on x32 I’m afraid.


the problem is most probably running the 32-bit version. When GUIs open as a white frame, it is usually due to running out of addressable memory space.

This is also my assumption. I run C8 and BFD3 in 64bit. BFD3 alone eats up 2-3 GB if you use more detailed and/or larger kits with streaming.Not much left for the rest than. When working with BFD3 i highly recommend using all natively in 64bit and at least 8GB of RAM if you want to run BFD3 at full detail settings.

Try to ease the memory load by switching the BFD3 engine to 16bit operation. This pretty much halfens the memory footprint, or lower detail settings to medium. Also try to lower the RAM and STreaming buffer in the BFD3 engine(but you might run into audio dropouts if set to low) This might help you not running out of memory so quickly.