BFD3 + Cubase 10 Crash

I’ve updated BFD3 and running the latest version of Cubase X. When I attempt to add a BFD3 Automap (or any BDF track), Cubase crashes. BFD3 runs as a standalone on my Mac OS X.14.13 and I’m looking forward to using it.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

All best


As far as I know, Automap is not officially compatible with Cubase 10. Check Novation web page, please.

What OS? Latest BFD3 need win 10. It will crash on Win 7.

Hi Martin, many thanks for your response. You are right, Automap only goes to Cubase 9.5, however, my Impulse 61 still interfaces with Cubase 10 over MIDI. If I Add Instrument and select either BFD3 or BFD3 Automap, Cubase crashes.


Then get in touch with BFD vendor, please. You said it’s after BFD update, so they did something wrong there, most probably.