BFD3 drum map

Hi there!

Is there somebody wit BFD3 who made a drummap for BFD, I’m having trouble using the GM Drummap.

Help is greatly appreciated :unamused:


You know you can just switch BFD3 to GM map on the mapping page.

If your software comes with a key mappings image like EZDrummer, then you could build your own manually. All of this can be done pretty straightforward once you find the drum map button on the drum track itself. Conforming BFD to a GM style isn’t always intuitive, especially if you use alternate versions of samples.

Hi there, found out that bfd3 has s function to create a new drummap, done this and seems tonwork very well.


Yes, but you don’t have to do that. Just load your kit, the go to File->Load Keymap. A bunch of maps are already there including GM which works fine with the existing Cubase GM map.

Hi will try your suggestion! Thanks again