BFD3 maxes out audio performance

Has anyone experienced the problem where BFD3 maxes out the parameters in the Audio Performance window and so ruins audio quality? It happens to me even if BFD3 is the only thing in the project.

I use Cubase Pro 9.5 latest update with an Apollo Firewire (latest driver and firmware) on a 2009 MacPro running El Capitan with 40gb of ram. All drivers etc. up to date. BFD3 on version (latest non-beta). I have samples set to the max (2048).

You should look at the settings inside BFD3 for its audio engine & performance. Sorry not at my DAW to get correct name. But there are a couple of settings pages where all sorts of adjustments that impact performance can be made.

Not qualified to comment about Mac specific performance.

Tanks raino, I’ve looked at that but with 40gb of ram and the processors in my macpro I should have to cut back on any settings or detail levels.

Ahh, I see. FYI, this is why we encourage folks to put their DAW’s specs in their signature.

Hopefully a Mac user will chime in with advice.

I can say that BFD3 is running great on my getting-long-in-the-tooth PC with only 16GB so something else must be coming into play for you.