BFD3 Multi output question.

Here is something for you experts out there. I usually create a BFD3 kit with multiple activated outputs:

Bass drum mono - snare mono - hihat mono - toms stereo - Cymbals stereo - ambience stereo - overheads stereo = all fed to a drum group channel > stereo out I also have a parallel compression group folder fed from the instruments sends.

All mixer channels have individual processing.

I have a number of older projects that I would like to introduce this setup to. However as it takes a long time to create I was wondering how I could save this complicated set up. I do have this saved as a template which is fine for creating a new project, but obviously no good for inserting into an existing project.

Thanks in advance for any ideas. I realise it may be impossible.

Simply export your BFD Track “Files>Export Track” Instrument and reimport it in your othjer projects…

Hmmm! Interesting thought. Will that export include the activated mixer tracks and group tracks etc.? I shall go and look at that. Thank you very much.

Home Studio 87 you are a star. It worked perfectly. Thank you for that info it will really save me a lot of fiddling about with older projects. Shame there is no longer a “Thanks” button. It will be a great way of archiving all kinds of setups. Sometimes I love this forum.

You can set up your BFD tracks, groups, fx, outputs and then save as a track template and load a track from preset in your other projects as an alternative.
Great the method mentioned by HS87 worked for you!!

I do this with BFD, I also have sets of backing vocal tracks ready routed to a group with fx. I have Halion multisets, string orchestra overdubs, kickdrum substitution and so on. It’s great to be able to drop in a standard set up across each track of an album.

Track Archive is a great labour saver, but seems to go largely unmentioned. Import Tracks From Projects is brilliant too.

Thank you all very much. You know I have been using Cubase since the Atari days and I know that we can often find something to moan about with Cubase, but it’s great to know that there is still a lot for me to learn about this mostly wonderful software. I’m going to look into the track preset today. What a great time saver.

And you’re not oblige to have track export file XLM you can do that with the function : “Import from a Project” choose the project you import track from and the next windows show you all the track from this project…