BFD3 Not Working in Cubase 11

BFD3 is crashing when loaded in Cubase 11 (mac). Reinstalling from scratch did not help the issue at all. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I’ll check mine. Does it happen right away, or after some use?
What’s the repro, if any?

I tested for about 10 minutes.
3.3.1 build 33, which is the latest version as of April.
No crashes yet.
I just hit play in Cubase and it automatically starting playing the loaded midi riff. I loaded up the first drumkit - BFDs 60s Pop 126bpm PG

It is working fine here on a PC. What happens when you launch it stand-alone?

Thanks for trying. It happens after about 2 minutes of use. Loading new presets doesn’t load kits anymore. Everything works great in Cubase 10, but crashes in 11.

It sounds like maybe a connection to the sample library is bunk. What about relocating a part of the library somewhere else, perhaps another disk, maybe just one drum kit as a test, and seeing if anything is reconfigured from doing that. Then maybe afterwards, locating the library back to the original location.

This is all in lieu of a complete uninstall / reinstall, which may be more extensive then what you’ve done so far… as in getting rid of preferences. (if they exist)

I have reinstalled the core app and libraries from scratch, and still no go. I tried the FLAC tool today as well to see if that would help, but the app still crashes. It is crashing both standalone and in Cubase, so it looks like the problem is with BFD3, not with Cubase. Unfortunately, FXpansion got bought out by Roli and their promise to get back to me by December 8th has come and gone. I’m a HUGE FXpansion fan, but maybe it’s time to look for greener pastures.

BFD3 working fine here in CB11, although I’m finding Toontracks Superior Drummer 3 to indeed be superior these days. :grinning:

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Roli have offloaded BFD to inMusic and I have not had any luck getting in touch with them. Plus the Forum is a nightmare of spam and no information. How about adjusting the preload? I assume that you have rescanned. Are you using a laptop? Perhaps try using drum kit set of samples on an external drive. Presumably as it is not working as a standalone it will now not work in 10.5? I am afraid that I am on Window. However I am getting a new computer this week so will look out for issues there. I did have some crashes quite a few months ago, hence the attempt to contact inMusic support. I will try to remember what the issue was.

I probably would agree about Superior Drummer. However I have got a lot invested in BFD3 with some great sounding Kits and I know my way around it and despite the dated GUI it still sounds good. If it doesn’t work on my new machine I will change. Although creating a drum map from BFD3 to Superior Drummer will indeed be a pain.

Does anyone know is there are premapped kits out there to reuse BFD content with Groove Agent?

Sure, it sounds great as you say, but I find that SD3 is easier to remember how to use, more logical layout, and has some wonderfully helpful facilities which I really like.

I am also heavily invested in BFD, having bought into it as soon as it was lauched, and enjoyed it for years.

We are spoiled with such choice! :slight_smile:

Having just bought a new computer I am sure I would like to try it (Superior Drummer) but finances won’t allow. The one criticism is the shortage of midi grooves that come with it. Is that correct?

Working well here. C 11, BFD latest version , lots of different kits and midi grooves.
AMD Ryzen 3950x,32 gigs ram, AXR4, Windows 10 latest build.