BIAS Amp2 Not working in Cu 11?

FINALLY TS contacted me with this “fix” which basically trashes the local settings / registration. Then it asks. you to do clean login. Note you do this ins the VST in the HOST APP, not the standalone version.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch BIAS Amp 2 Standalone and close it.

  2. Rename the BIAS_Amp2 folder in Documents/PositiveGrid to “BIAS_Amp2 backup”

  3. Delete “BIAS_Amp2.settings” at “~/Library/Application Support/PositiveGrid”

You have to locate the hidden Library folder by the following instructions:
[ My Note : if you have Enable Library folder turned on, you can navigate directly. Do this in Finder Prefs / Enable Library Folder ]
1). Launch Finder.

2). Click “Shift + Command + G” then copy & paste “~/Library/Application Support/PositiveGrid” to the ​"Go to the folder" window.

  1. Restart your computer.

At least it finally works