BIAS VST plugins stopped working!

All of my installed and licensed BIAS VST plugins (Soundsoap, Pitchcorrect, etc.) have stopped working.

I know the company (BIAS) recently closed but why would all of these plugins, that were already registered on my PC, suddenly stop working?

Anyone else had this happen?

Any updates of your Cubase, or system, or something else? Or different reason, why it could stops working? Maybye, your BIAS plug-ins are not compatible with this update, if you did any.

Could be BUT the plugin isn’t working on any host I’ve tried - doesn’t even show up in the list of FX.

I tried loading the demos off the installation CD and they don’t work either.

If this is due to a VST conflict somewhere, how do I find it? I have already tried renaming my other plugins to a separate folder (so BIAS is the only one loading). Still didn’t work.

Anyone else here using BIAS plugins? If so, do yours still work?

I have read on the KVR and Gearslutz forums there are a lot of people that have problems with BIAS plugins. It is not related to a DAW or something, but it seems it has something to do with the authorization server. For some reason (probably because the company is not longer maintaining anything) you cannot longer authorize your plugin.

In short - if you where connected to the internet when trying to use the plugin it will stop working. The only people that can use the plugins seems to be the ones that had not used their internet connection.

I hope it is just a maintenance mistake, but it does not look that good to me…

Doesn’t BIAS have automatic check update? Sometimes, this is problem with online connection. If it is possible, try to switch this off.