Big brandlaunch in norway.... using Nuendo


have a look at this video:

Score is done by Roy Westad.
I did all soundFX and editing/mix. And mastering. Edited and mixed in 6.2, delivered in 7.1 (WDM-driver setup on windows, using Watchout as playback)

Venue: Telenor Arena (football stadium)

Event: Brandlaunch of EVRY ASA, 6000+ employee @the event.

Over 300 tracks and none of them in mono… mostly Stereo and 5.1.

Just love it, using my ID (WK-audio), for panning and orbiting of sounds… just so fun!

A nice day at work.



Quite stunning presentation! :astonished: On a par with the sort of thing you see at Olympic opening ceremonies.
Nice job on the FX etc! :slight_smile:

I thought this was very interesting. It must have been spectacular to be in the audience. Very nicely done.