Big bug in Dorico Pro 2.2

Hello everyone;
I just updated Dorico to version 2.2 and, what is not my astonishment, when opening a work done in the previous version; ONLY THE MUSICAL SYMBOLS MISS - head of figures; keys; etc (sending prints as an example)
Settle this quickly, okay.
This had never happened before.
I can not even see or print anything of my work.
Thanks for listening

Please try to restart your computer. This happens when we update the music fonts, but Windows is still using the previous version. A restart rebuilds the font cache, and everything should work fine afterwards.

Reboot and you should be fine.


Hello guys;
It really was okay; but you could include that remark in the release notes of a new version to avoid these “scares.”
Thank you all;
Best wishes and a Merry Christmas to all.

It’s pretty standard practice to restart after installing any new software, especially if it updates fonts.

Well, but it is also a pretty standard practice to offer a reboot after an update that requires to do so…

I dont understand really the problem: Dorico has demanded me to restart, after updating.


It didn’t for me - maybe it’s Windows / Mac thing. But anyway, I read this thread soon after updating and rebooted and so far haven’t had any problems.

It does say “Reboot required” at the end of installation. But I think the standard Windows practice of adding a dialog when exiting the installer that asks the user if he wants to reboot now or later would avoid many of these posts.

Hello everyone, I have strange problem after I updated and restarted my PC. Fingerings I added, on every flow (30-40), in any projects I have is not showing. Just not showing, when I cliclk on properties panel “Fingering and positions”, Fingering and position button is activated and number is stated in a field. When I trie to add new finger number nothing is showing again. Problem exist on old and new projects. Also Engrave mode left propertie panel looks strange, just hige numbers instead of icons. How can I solve that?

It might be related to this: