Big Bug when trying to delete a triple note

Hi, after deleting a triple note, all other notes after that are on the wrong position.

Two Pictures here:

before deleting:

and after deleting, look in the bass

It looks as if you’ve accidentally inserted a quaver (eighth note) in the process of deleting the passage, and pushed everything along.

I think you probably had insert mode turned on (the “I” on the left panel in Write mode is turned on).
Undo, turn off Insert mode and delete the triplet(s) as you originally intended.
Alternatively, turn/leave Insert mode on, add the triplet back in; THEN turn off insert mode and delete the triplet(s).

Just to make sure I input the bass part and repeated it.
No problem with the deletion.

You´re right!!
I´m very happy about Members like you!!
Not only about you know “Summertime” :slight_smile:
My Version is with Violin, Viola and Doublebass!
Not a revolution, but at first, it must be played :wink:
And Dorico helps:-))
Thanks for help and your time!