Big fermatas?

Dear Dorico community,

how to solve this complex problem? I read some discussions concerning independent fermatas on the forum (and I can make independent fermatas on rhythmical positions), but I cannot realize

  • how to create such big fermata used by Mozart and Haydn,
  • and how to place independent fermatas on whole bar rests?

Thank you in advance!


In Engrave mode, select your fermata, show the lower-zone (cmd+8/ctrl+8) then check “Attach to barline”. You can resize the fermata by checking “Custom scale” set the value to something like 130 or whaterver value you like.

I’ve had so much help here, I’m going to go out on a limb and try to pay it forward!

You can create your own custom fermata by clicking the "playing techniques’ icon on the far right side in Write Mode (see attached) then clicking the + sign. The Edit Playing Techniques box will appear. Important to remove the words ‘New Playing Technique’ from the ‘Name’ bar at the top - just leave it blank (I’m sure there’s a better way but I need to do this). Choose Type–>Glyph. The pencil icon will appear above the word ‘General’.

Click that and you’ll be in the Editor. Make sure the SMuFL button is lit up, not Unicode, it should be lit by default. Click on the ‘Range’ Drop Down and you’ll see a long list of SMuFL choices. Select ‘Holds and Pauses’ and you will see several graphics pop up - the Fermata is right at the top left. Click it and it should appear in the editing window. Drag it to resize if you want and click ‘Add Glyph’ at the bottom right of the Edit Window. You’ll be back at the main Edit Playing Techniques Window. I don’t even bother naming them - I just click OK.

Now you’ll see a Fermata has popped up in the top Playing Techniques Panel called ’
Common’. You can choose a note in your score and then click that Fermata and it will appear! If you need a bigger one, just create it.

Someone will likely be along in a moment to explain how this is way too many steps!

It’s just the right amount of steps, mset.
But I would still use the possibility to give the new playing technique a name (like “long fermata”). Then you can always call it up by name (Shift-P, long fermata, Enter).

Thank you for your help.
I’ve created an independent fermata, which I can use on independent places.

But I am still not able to place fermatas above the rest of empty bars (dear Nor, I cannot find Attach to barline command in Engrave mode, maybe because I use such independent fermatas as Playing techniques and not as Holds and pauses?),

and I cannot create big fermata, because it has not only to be bigger, but wider as well. In Playing Technique Editor I am not able to distort it, I can only make it bigger proportionally. Any ideas?

I would make a playing technique with a png or svg file. You can do a screenshot of the fermata, open it on Photoshop, and stretch it to make it look like what you want and then import it in Dorico.

Better to stretch it in a vector program than in Photoshop: you want the symbol to be scalable.

Rameau, put a fermata over the note you want, now select the fermata, go to Engrave mode, this what you’d get: