Big gap left at the bottom of the page


I’m getting some blank space at the bottom of some pages, when clearly more staves could easily fit.

If I use a system break, I could add another two staves to the page, and have it 100% full:

I’ve no overrides in the page nor in the staves. Is Dorico trying to even out both pages?
I’ve been looking around but can’t find any explanation to it.

Thanks in advance

Look at Vertical Spacing—Vertical Justification. Set your percentage thresholds lower, and the staves will fill the page.

The problem I have (I think) is not with justification, it’s the fact that there could be 2 more staves in the page, and Dorico doesn’t include them. Or am I getting it wrong?

No, that happens. You could try reducing your ideal gaps or minimum gaps. Or usually I just force those staves onto the page.

Thanks! Good to know. Guess it’s a kind of bug? Or unwanted behavior?
I’ve forcing the staves as you suggested, but I was hoping I could be doing something wrong (in order to improve my workflow).

Have you tried reducing your inter-system gaps?

I did, and, if I put it low enough, it fits the whole page; but then, other pages become overflow; so, I guess I’ll keep with the forcing bit.

For information about why sometimes Dorico puts slightly too few or too many systems onto one page/into one frame, search the forum for “casting off circular problem” or similar - or read this good example from Daniel -

Thanks for the answer and the “correct” term for the problem. At least I know why it’s doing it.