Hi folks,

I’ve a very very very BIG problem with my new DAW that i’m trying to build in my studio.

Here’s my setup

-Motherboard ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS

  • N.2 XEON E5-2620V3 2,4 GHZ
    -AMD RADEON HD 6450
    -Power: DARK POWER PRO 650W beQuiet!
    -BLACKMAGIC INTENSITY PRO (for video playback)
    -RME FIREFACE 800 on SONNET ALLEGRO FW800 PCIe Full compatible.

I checked the DSP latency with THESY CON Checker software and everything is good, the test result is: The DAW is able to handle real time streming audio

Here’s the problem:

I run i basic project in cubase 8.5 (updated) and the DAW seems not handle the real time process i mean the CPU overload continuosly and the project is absolutely unstable.
First, i open the same projects on a mac book pro (less power, late 2012) and everything works fine, same thing with my old machine with a sigle i7 intel.

Here’re aLl the tests/things/tricks that i carefully made before write down this post:

1- i disable all the throttle bios features, on cpu and memory
2- change videocard
3- change audi card (try with a MOTU 2408 mk3 on PCIe)
4- remove blackmagic
5- remove all HDDs
6-formatting and fresh reinstall W7 (3 times)
7-check the Power Supply
8-BIOS FLASH UPDATE (succesfully)
9-Disable internal videocard and BCM feature
10-NO USB devices used during this test (except the elicense)

So, any of you have any IDEA, setup, similar situation with similar Hardware pieces, any similar situation?

For me seems a setup problem on BIOS with a strange issue on power management (??)

I’m really really disconsolate, i’m traying any test in the last 2 days and nights.

Please any helps is precious!!!

thanks so much!

Have you tried enabling the Steinberg power scheme?

yes…Nothing happens. :frowning:

From personal past experience i’d go with your suspicions of a BIOS setup issue… that or it could be a chipset compatibility issue? I have absolutely no knowledge of your board or CPU so have no further ideas sorry.

You may want to check out this post.

i posted a registry hack which may help… and i hope it does.

all the best… Cheers!!!