Big Issue with Broadcast Wave Setting After 11.0.20 Update

I’m using Cubase 11 as well as Nuendo 11 (on separate computers) and both are not saving the audio record format in Project Settings as Broadcast Wave. Every time I open either DAW the setting is automatically changed back to just Wave File. Preferences were deleted / bypassed and tested with new empty projects. This is not an issue in Cubase and Nuendo 11.0.10.


WOW! This is insane, I’m so glad you spotted this! Sure enough, all of my projects now default to “WAV” instead of “Broadcast wav”. Crazy!
Definitely using 10.5 now…


If 11.0.10 works fine for you, it still retains Broadcast Wave in the Project Settings.

Confirmed here. It always changes back to wav.

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Thanks but with the Komplete Kontrol issue (among others) I’m going back to 10.5.20 for now.
Hopefully I’ll be able to use 11 before 11.5 comes ouit!

Confirmed here too. It will retain AIFF and FLAC. Thanks for pointing that out.

In the mixdown window there is not a broadcast wave file type. Only “insert broadcast wave chunk” as an option on the wave file. Seems inconsistent.

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There is still the option to convert files in the pool. A bit of a pain but still better than no option

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Well, let’s hope that’s a temporary solution and not a permanent one; as so many broken functions in Cubase / Nuendo have now become the norm.

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Whoops, I meant to reply to @Janko_Kezar. :point_up:

Hopefully this will get resolved with next maintenance update

I’m puzzled as to why this isn’t considered a high priority. For those who rely on Broadcast Wave, this can complete jack-up people’s sessions (as it has mine).

EXACTLY! One reason why I’m on 10.5.20 indefinitely…

I went back to using Cubase Pro 11.0.0. That to me seems like a good release. I’ll wait to upgrade when 11.5.0 is out.

I went back to 10.5.20 because of this issue (huge) AND the Komplete Kontrol issue which is deal breaker for me.

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Well a litlle report- I reported this on 17th of May via a support ticket. I got a reply today (a month later) they cannot reproduce this(I highly doubt they even tried) and I should update to 11.0.20 (even though I explicitly reported it as a
version 11.0.20 issue) and I sholud reset my preferences and closed the ticket as solved.
Well done Steinberg excellent support Im impressed. :angry:


Sorry, I can’t reproduce this here… BWF (insert chunk) Export settings are being saved and recalled correctly

Its not export settings its the recording setting in project setup. Whenever you set it to BWF it reverts back to Wav when reopening.

Oh dear.! I am so sorry for wasting peoples time…

Not sure what I was reading; I think it was the @garymusic post of May 3rd (second para) and saw the words ‘mixdown window’… boom.! off I went… :upside_down_face:

That’ll teach me.

[edit] confirmed. Project Setup → BWF format in recording settings is not saved when you relaunch …


@Puma0382, No need to apologize. Thanks for taking the time to check.

I sent a new support ticket after reading your message above. I included a lot of detail and links to make sure it’s as clear as possible. It’s extremely disturbing how Support blew you off so quickly.