Big Issue with Broadcast Wave Setting After 11.0.20 Update

Great now lets see if youll have more luck than me. Just hope they answer you sooner than me.

This has happened to me last few times- cca 30 days or more to answer, with an almost identical copied generic answer suggesting latest version and reseting preferences- ignoring all the details I wrote in the report and directly closing the ticket as solved. One also dissapeared completely

So i think Im done with writing support tickets from now on. Its just a waste of my time with no results.

As Bender wrote no need to apologize.
Thanks for confirming this.

It’s happening here too.

Thanks for checking and confirming!

This off course wasnt fixed in 11.0.30 :angry:

Have you heard anything from support yet bender?

Its not unheard of, for there to be one more maintenance update between now and the next major release… :face_with_monocle:

Yep, NOT FIXED IN 10.3.30!!!
I guess I’m still on 10.5 for another couple of months. As you said, I’m terrified what 11.0.30 screwed up this time! Isn’t Broadcast Wav pretty damned important!

A small update: I had a nice talk with Matthias regarding this issues and it has been forwarded to their team so hopefully this will get fixed.


I was told by Support that a senior employee would contact me about this but still have not heard from anyone.


I can’t believe that more people aren’t upset by this! I’ve been saved by using Broadcast wavs when I had a corrupt project a few times…

Has anyone heard any news from support on this deal-breaker bug? I’m seeing this issue on Cubase 11.0.30 running on three different Win 10 Pro computers.

Sadly no.


Been away from Cubase for a while.
Running ver. 11.0.20 and this BWF resetting to WAV in the project settings, each time I reopen a project is a real disaster and should be fixed ASAP!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Unbelieavable that it’s not fixed in the latest 11.0.30 update?!! :poop:

No kidding! This and the Komplete Kontrol issue have kept me on 10.5.20 since I purchased 11 in November!

Update 11.0.40:
“Broadcast Wave file settings are now correctly saved in the project settings.”
Woohoo! it’s working again! :grinning:

Yes this seems to be fixed. :+1: