Big jump in .cpr filesize

Hello all,

I’m posting this in Cubase 12, but I’m sure belongs to all Cubase versions. I don’t think it’s a bug, it’s just me, gathering information to understand ‘the issue’.

I’m currenly making a cover of a song and I’m only using some midi (with VST instruments of course) and some audio files. The audio files don’t go inside a .cpr file, so that can’t be it, but the question is:

What makes a CPR file big? It jumped from 2,9MB to 350MB to 562MB in a matter of hours.

So, what’s inside a CPR file that can make it so big?

Thank you!

The current sates of all the plugins are saved in the CPR files. Some plugins have a lot of state data that Cubase needs to save.

And of course it’s quite conceivable that a plugin has some sort of bug that cases unnecessary use of space when saving a project file.

Hunting that down strikes me as likely tedious, since one would probably have to experiment with having different plugins eliminated from the project and examining the effect of that. (If there’s a trick to find out which plugin requires how much space in the .CPR file, I’m not aware of such a trick.)

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Did you use an ARA Extension (Spectral Layers, Melodyne, etc.) at some point in the project?


Thank you for your reply! That makes sense, indeed!

Yes I did. I imported the original track and used Spectralayers to extract the original vocals!

I just removed the extension and saved it again and low and behold, back from 576MB to 11MB! That was the culprit in this case!

I never realised that would take up so much CPR space!

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