Big jump in CPU usage when opening plugin GUIs


Opening many plugin GUIs (Cubase Pro 11.0.41 | Window 10 Pro ver 1909) now causes a big increase in CPU usage. It’s 100% reliable in that shortly after opening a plugin I can hear my fans spin up (loudly) and see CPU usage rise in Windows’ TaskManager, and then the opposite happens shortly after closing it.

It’s not just one plugin or one company but many different ones including those from, for example, Waves, Native Instruments, IK Multimedia. Some specific examples include SampleTank 4, Scaler 2.5, EWQL Opus 1.1, Vital, and all the latest Native Instruments VIs and most FX plugins.

This is a relatively new issue and I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing it and, if so, what possible solutions exist.

I should mention that because it seemed like a graphics issue, I updated my (NVIDIA) graphics driver, but that did not help.