Big Mediabay database very slow with very fast computer

Hi there!

So i have a huge Mediabay database with all my samples and presets of the last 25 years or so…

I have a very fast pc (5950x) and very fast harddrives (all new samsung EVO NVME’s).

Still the mediabay just hangs ALL the time, to a point i almost cant use it anymore…

Anybody have advice on this?
is there a max on Mediabay items?

Ive disconnected big data backup disks, so thats not it.

It seems, when i open a new project, Mediabay is scanning something but i cant find it in the tree (no red folders beeing actually scanned).
is there a way to just TURN OFF the scanning? I dont copy or create a lot of new items per day, so Mediabay should know what is on my harddrive, so no need for constant scanning :slightly_smiling_face:


I have this problem as well. How did you solve it?

Out of curiosity, how many elements do you have stored?

hi yes ive sold it by deleting a lot of super old presets from Sylenth i never used…it kept rescanning these every time

ive moved to macbook M2 in the meantime, no issues here, yet

The mediabay is just plain slow if you have tens of thousands of files. I think it’s older search tech (built off of SQL I think) and I wish Steinberg would update to a better utility. There’s free tools out there that are far superior, but of course, they don’t integrate with Cubase.

I use a desktop search tool called “Everything”. It’s blazing fast and supports drag and drop, so you can use it with Cubase - somewhat.

Yes ive looked into 3rd party browser like Everything, Loopcloud, ADSR browser etc and they are amazing.

I work a lot with MIDI Loops and Track Presets, so 3rd party is difficult to work with.

But again on my macbook i have zero problems (now CB 13)

i dont know, where can I see this?

my VST3 presets are around 40.000

and my MIDI Loops and Track Presets around 3500

these are all presets i actually use all the time, and saved over the years

on top of this i have 4TB internal disk in my macbook, mostly songs, samples and big archives like Kontakt Ultimate etc etc

maybe millions of elements?

last years, i took a lot of presets out, i guess it was over 100.000 vst presets before. (like arturia, has a lot of presets i dont need, but add up with scanning)
I also deleted most of Cubase stock presets