Big Mediabay database very slow with very fast computer

Hi there!

So i have a huge Mediabay database with all my samples and presets of the last 25 years or so…

I have a very fast pc (5950x) and very fast harddrives (all new samsung EVO NVME’s).

Still the mediabay just hangs ALL the time, to a point i almost cant use it anymore…

Anybody have advice on this?
is there a max on Mediabay items?

Ive disconnected big data backup disks, so thats not it.

It seems, when i open a new project, Mediabay is scanning something but i cant find it in the tree (no red folders beeing actually scanned).
is there a way to just TURN OFF the scanning? I dont copy or create a lot of new items per day, so Mediabay should know what is on my harddrive, so no need for constant scanning :slightly_smiling_face: