Big Meters in percussion sections

I am hoping there is a way to solve this problem. In my wind ensemble piece, I want big meters, equal size, locked (Hollywood style) to the top of the winds and the brass, but was hoping to exclude them from the percussion section, or, basically, everyone below the brass (so no meter for double bass, piano, timp, three perc). One would think, telling Dorico not to put meters in groups that have 3 or fewer lines would be the solution (I did this by showing the size for such meters as 0). But my percussionists change instruments (each instrument displays as a five-line “kit”). As soon as I add a few instruments, the three percussion lines (which never show in score as more than three), pick up a meter. My only solution is to shrink the meter size for everyone to the point where it fits the three percussion lines.

I could have had a meter show for the whole bunch of people below the brass, which would be my second choice. But Dorico offers that kind of thing only for orchestral works – where you can treat everything between brass and strings as a single group. In wind ensemble, below the brass is double bass, then piano (and harp if used) then timp and percussion.

Would be very nice if “don’t show meter” were an option on a staff by staff (or group by group) basis.

Maybe next update?

This is a bit of a conundrum, and I’m afraid off the top of my head I can’t come up with a good solution. It’s not likely that we’ll be able to find the time to provide any new options in this area before the next update, so you’ll need to come up with the best compromise you can with the tools available.