Big News! Wednesday 28th July 1300GMT on YouTube

According to the email, the latest Dorico announcements…is this v 4.0 ???

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Or the exciting new thing before the new major version?

This would be a big (and welcome) surprise… But I bet on the exciting project Daniel Spreadbury was talking about on his blog.

All very exciting, whatever it is! :partying_face:

Hypotheses non fingo …

What was this about? I could not find the blog by searching…

See here:

What’s next?

The Dorico team has been hard at work on several exciting projects since the release of Dorico 3.5.10 last summer. Because of the big technology transitions that are ongoing, including the transition to a Universal version of Dorico, the next major version is still a long way off. In the meantime we plan to bring you something else that is new and exciting, but you will have to wait until later in the year for more details. Until then, please enjoy using Dorico 3.5.12, and we look forward to seeing and hearing all of the wonderful things you build with it.

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Ah, was excited thinking it was 4.0. Well any news will be interesting.

Technologies means Qt I think and maybe more Mac stuff, what does universal mean I wonder?

‘Big Projects’? Wonder what that could mean, collaborations ? Or …. a Cubase integration plugin? That sounds like a project.

Or it could be an iPad version (which I expect once they’ve fully transitioned to arm) or the new licensing system?

Either way I’ll be eagerly tuning in.

iPad, hunh … I’d guess not due to Qt at least and unclear use case. God the UI design would be a mess.

Licensing maybe, being the newest product that should be easiest and they might have been working against the idea since early on.

Just twigged what this might be…

Bet I’m wrong.

Just hope it isn’t exciting solely for Mac users


I think I figured it out … Avid Sibelius has a big announcement this week as well, see below. This cannot be coincidence!

Putting 1 and 1 together … Dorico and Sibelius are going to merge, and the new product will be called “Sibelio”.

Sibelio will be a subscription model, and the current elicenser dongle will be replaced by iLok.


Then Finale could merge with those two, and the new product would be called Fidelio.


No. Fibelio. :innocent:

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I know you are just having fun, but PLEASE, let’s not give any vendors any encouragement about a subscription model.


If memory serves, Daniel has indicated this isn’t the plan. Many of us have been rather vocal from the beginning that this is not how we want to work. I, for one, would genuinely consider walking away (in spite of how much I genuinely love Dorico) if forced to subscribe to access my files.


… and the first thing Avid will do is fire the entire Dorico development team. Again. :roll_eyes:


I’m just having fun at your expense.

A few years ago Steinberg did a survey about how their users felt about the subscrption model, and the vast majority said they thought it sucked.

And, by the way, that is how many Sibelius users feel about the subscription system. Personally I don’t have a problem with it since I am okay with the price level, but it is definitely not popular.

Something else that is new and exciting, that isn’t a major version release…what could it be?

  • A minor version release?
  • A port to another platform?
  • A partnership with another product?
  • A playback library?
  • A webservice?
  • A companion app?
  • A physical product?

I can’t wait to find out what it is!

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