Big Playback Delay when I use Apple AirPods Pro vs Built in audio

My buffer size is 128 in Dorico.
When I play and audition instruments in Dorico and my output Is set to built-in audio I have no issues whatsoever.

However, If I change my output to AirPods Pro in Dorico, I will experience a massive delay between when I press a note on my keyboard and when I hear the note in my AirPods pro.

I tried my Airpods pro with logic and I have no noticeable delay so it must be how Dorico handles audio playback when the device output is set to wireless headphones. Am I Right? and is there a solution to this?

Not sure how large ‘massive’ is in terms of delay, but generally you can’t use Bluetooth audio with MIDI keyboards with DAWs because of significant time delays. that make it very hard to play. The surprising thing here is not the delay but that you have one system that does not show delay. This is why all studios used wired headphones, still.
I don’t have Logic Pro so I can’t comment. But this issue is normal on Windows systems.

And what happens if you change this?

There is always latency with bluetooth audio. For me it is usually less than 0.2" but it can vary depending on what else is running.

When I watch video with bluetooth headphones, there is something (I believe in the Mac System) that syncs the picture and sound. When I un-pause the video I see a delay, and then it starts to move when the sound starts. I suppose in theory Dorico could do something similar to sync the green playback line. But it might be impossible to engineer a cross-platform solution in Qt.

This and the fact that Bluetooth (still?) can’t transmit lossless, but only lossy audio, that you need to have these things charged when sitting for hours in the studio, the fact that you can’t replace them easily or compare them to other headphones without also hearing different D/A and headphone amps.