Big Plugin Problem with WL 8.02 FG-X Mac 32bit

I was all happy because things seemed to be working until this one…arrgh

This is WL 8.02 on Mac 10.8.4 32 bit (because that’s all FG-X can do)
When I load the plugin in the master section, it loads fine and acts fine, when I now click outside of WL, let’s say a browser window on my second monitor, the plugin disappears…this happen to all plugins btw and is quite annoying…
When I click back on the WL window the Plugin window comes back to the front but is now disconnected from it’s window host…ie I can move the control window that used to host FG-X but can no longer move the FG-X window.

I’m going to try to record a screen capture of this tonight but

Add it to the list of misc. GUI problems in 3rd party plugins…

here’s a screen capture video to show this

I was told Slate Digital are preparing an important update of their plugins. I suggest you tell them about this problem and query about an update date.

I am so done trying to get any sort of response from Slate Customer Service…they are the worst

BTW, other plugins also disappear when clicking outside the wavelab screen, which is very annoying. Only difference is that they won’t get disconnected from their control window.

However, this ONLY happens in Wavelab, not Nuendo, not Pro Tools therefore Wavelab has to take the majority of the blame here…sorry to say

Got a response back from Slate stating that they know about this issue and are working on a fix which will be included in their “magical new framework” release that has no release date or release date estimate.

In other words it might be out tomorrow or maybe in 2020… or maybe never… no I am not at all cynical and discouraged… no way :smiling_imp: