BIG PROBLEM! Desperate for help

Whenever I am running a project, the bars all the way to the left of the trasnport bars constantly go up and turn red, my audio constantly crackles, distorts and stutters and my product (Cubase 6 full edition) is pretty much unsuable because of this problem.

I really need to solve this problem, I am running a computer with a intel i5 3570k quad core procesor 3.4ghz, 16gb of corsair vengeance ram 1600mhz, amd radeon hd 7870 2gb, and a seagate 1tb hdd

I am using a focusrite saffire pro 24 dsp audio interface connected to my computer via firewire, the buffersize is on 512 but the problem still persists even when increasing it, if you need any more information please request it in your reply! I will give any information needed to solve this problem

Which of the 2 bars is peaking? The harddrive one or the ASIO time one?
In device setup, VST Audio Setup, did you select the Focusrite ASIO driver?

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It does! Bottomline, I asked for his or her setup and detailed description about what has been done to solve the problem.
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I have asio saffire selected in cubase 6

Increase the buffer.

Even with the buffer on full the problem still happens just as bad haha

You need to tell us how everything’s connected, what exact specs of the ports and whether you’ve updated all drivers etc… Otherwise we’ll play guessing games.

Which bars are these? A screenshot might help…


This is not a Cubase problem. You have the right and hopefully latest driver and asio, so there is a good chance that it is a hardware problem.
Check your HDD with chkdsk. Maybe some bad sectors need repairing
Check everything you have connected to your DAW, do it by starting with a minimum of components, hubs etc and then connect everything one by one until you find the brat.

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Does this happen in all projects?

Is this a new problem?

Have you ran this project successfully in the past?

How involved is this project? (track types and how many, how many different VST instruments and effects, bit depth, sample rate, etc.)

Does it happen with a new, blank project?

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Anyway, back to the topic… Also, make sure your wireless card (if you have one) is disabled. They can be real CPU hogs.

It may well be your networkcard indeed, especialy when you disable the connection in Windows only. Leave it on or disable the card itself in hardware profiles.

You can check your computer with this free tool:

Thesycon’s DPC Latency Checker is a Windows tool that analyses the capabilities of a computer system to handle real-time data streams properly…

Did this ever get resolved?

I am having the same issue and its driving me insane

my CPU usage is in the 90% all the time cubase is open and peaks to 100% causing crackle and everything similiar to the issue noted.

i also find it peaks to 100% watching youtube even? any help?