Big problem eq not saved after closing the project

I am using the eq in the channel settings, make my own eq and then i save project. in cubase 7
After i close and reopen the eq does not remane!!!

Please take care of this.

For the instrument channels,

Post your setup if you want advice with any value.

Works fine on Mac 10.8, C7.0.1

And it works correctly here on PC as well.

Thank you!

It seems its doing this problem in this project only, not the others!
What can be the problem?

This project i started in cubase 6.5 in december, and now today i loaded in cubase 7.

PC | Cubase7 32bit | Windows 7 Pro 64bit | 8gb ram | TC KONNEKT8|STEINBERG CMC QC, CH | TC POWERCORE FIREWIRE |YAMAHA HS 50…IF IT HELPS! :slight_smile:

that’s a very strange problem

I would load that project, alter the eq, save, close. Then re open.

if it does not save the eq…

steinberg support, cos something is definately wrong, this is basic recall functionality for a daw

rogue plug in? you say its just that project?

and thank you!
Yes only in that project!
I did that, with the eq, alter, modify, save reload etc…no good.

I have to use an insert eq (studio eq) and make my eq there.

Any way, i hope it will do so only in that project i do not what surprises for the future.

The interesting thing is that i use only cubase vst, channel strip, eq., etc…!!!

its one for support

can see no reason why this would happen?

if that project is important to you work around it, and finish it. And if it does not happen again in other projects I would personally blame a plug in as the most likely culprit in that mis-behaving project.

My advice is - if you can be confident its just this project, you can be more lenient in your efforts to solve the mystery - it might not change things for you, can work around and move on…

otherwise it is definitely going to cause you problems

Have you checked there’s no EQ automation recorded that you haven’t noticed? …??

No automation!

Thank you for the advise!
I’ll move on!