Big problem of Audio Performance on C12.20 about Peak


Since I installed C12, I have a big performance problem that makes it difficult or impossible to use the software, but also C11 and C10.5 which are still installed.

When I create a midi track connected to a plug-in, the peak on the project is between 50 and 100% now, which was not the case before. It does it on new projects as well as old ones.

The old projects work with many plug-ins (29 on one of the projects) and very often remain below 25% of peak, or even 5% with 29 plug-ins! (or maximum on C11) if I don’t add a new plug-in.

But if I add a plug-in or change one of the plug-ins of one of the , the peak, even if the project is not playing, rises considerably, beyond 50%, against less than 5% before and reaches 100% in reading, against therefore less than 25% before, or even 5%. It also does this on C11 and C10.5 now. The peak fluctuates between 25 and 50% when stopped.

Finally, if a track that is not connected, or connected to a plug-in formerly assigned, is selected (or connected to a plug-in that is switched off) the peak becomes very low again: a few %.

So it’s dramatic because I can’t create anything anymore.

What to do ?

The meters in the Audio Performance Window got reworked for Cubase 12 to more accurately show peak values. That makes the performance meters in C12 not comparable to the ones in previous version. Unless you are experiencing any playback issues, such as audio drop-outs, I wouldn’t worry about these meter values.

Just as a observation for anyone who runs Norton Utilities you can get caught on the 100% and plus that.
In Power options Norton takes over from High Performance and puts in it’s own power saving plan without asking you.
It caught me out once. Always look and check Power options
I just use the utilities to get rid of junk and it does always have an explanation for you if a registry item is unwanted,so you can make your own mind up. It has never let me down though.
CC cleaner wrecks registries, but good for sweeping out junk.
I just use Norton utilities and Defender and mostly off the net on the music machine until an update.

They do go down a little if you uncheck the Monitor 1 and 2 and re-engage them in Control room

How do you explain that it’s work on old projects but it slow down a lot when I change or add a new plugin?