Big problem with this .xml system, is crashing = lost data, settings, etc. Why is there no backup?

This has got me more than once.

The whole problem with this use of .xml’s to store system settings is if you have a crash or improper shutdown - a whole bunch of stuff can be lost, undone, scrambled.

It’s very irritating when it happens, and it doesn’t matter if you saved the project.

You know what I’m talking about? How Cubase only properly stores the settings if it had a proper shutdown? otherwise it just reverts to the settings that were stored with the last proper shutdown,

You can lose all sorts of presets and global settings. It’s very annoying

In my current case, I had created a bunch of Controller Lane Setup Presets in a template I’m building, I saved the template. I go to load a project to test some stuff out, and it hangs on the project load so I have to ctrl+alt+delete close Cubase.

Re-open my template, and all the Controller Lane Setup presets, all 30 of them are gone.

It’s kind of a ridiculous way of doing things without there being a way to restore settings… Like, why not at least mirror a duplicate of global settings with project saves in which, if there is an improper shutdown, the user has two settings recalls to choose from.

I’ve had this happen with all sorts of things:
-Control room set up
-control room inserts
-Direct Offline Processing presets/order of presets

pretty much any settings change that is global and stored in an .xml will be lost.