Big problems with mixing and mastering

I’m already despairing. I can’t create a clean mastering or mixdown. Very often I get different volume level of Mixdown. And I get a lot of sound errors, at every export with the same project on different place. That is so frustrating. I’m using Cubase 11 Pro for mixing and mastering. Audio interface Steinberg UR22 C

I think you need to be more specific as plenty use without problems and I can’t really work out what you mean?
What OS are you using?
Which plugins are you using on tracks?
Which are you using on the master?

The more details the more chance someone can help you, screen shots and examples are also useful in this scenario

The problem is, that there is no specific thing behind. I try to finish a album since a long time. But it is simple not possible if every mixdown sounds different, if every mixdown get artefacts, that are in every mixdown different. I’m aware that nobody can help me here, but I’m already so frustrated that I’m really thinking about changing the DAW. I would like to finish my project without depression. I wanted still to place the frustration here.

Do you want to go through your process step by step in order to maybe find the issue or would you prefer to be left alone?

It’s virtually a certainty that the problem isn’t Cubase. People use it to mix successfully so it’s either something in your setup or it’s something you’re missing as an engineer. If you choose to switch to a different DAW then there’s no reason to assume that will be different.

Do you export in real-time, or offline? Does the sample rate of the resulting export match your project setup, or not?

I export in real time that I had much more problems without that. I’m using very fast PC (Windows), that I build by my self, I’m using HQ SSDs, i have enough RAM, and one of the fastest processors that where on market 3 years ago, i9 and I’m using the Steinberg UR22 C as audio interface. I’m using also always quality Plugins from iZotope, Fabfilter, Plugin Alliance, native instruments and Waves. The problems are on almost every track different. On one I get always artefacts on different places. On another freezing instrument canals sound different, then timing for few instruments is changing, if I export the mixdown and I will correct something and I export the mixdown again, then I get to much differences I don’t created. I tried yesterday, I get always different LUFS at the end with exporting from the same project without changes. I lose also projects in the past with some problems too. I found in internet, that others have very often problems too. Im working now over 20 years with Cubase. Bugs where always a problem of Steinberg. But now it’s too much for me, i can’t finish my project. Could the UR22 C be the problem? Should i try a different Audio Interface?

The audio interface should not have an impact on Cubase does internally.
Have you had a windows update that has caused this?
What about your plugins. Could one of these be the culprit? I have noticed myself that some plugins (well known names ) don’t always work as they should.
Have you done all the windows tweaks and have you ran latencyMon to see if there is a problem?
No one can help with the information you give. I run Cubase 12 on win 11 with a two year old i9 and it runs fine.

Do you split mixing and mastering into two separate tasks?

Post a screenshot of your ASIO driver control panel. Check your system audio performance with latency monitoring tools, and also the ASIO meter within Cubase. A powerful PC configuration alone does not ensure smooth Cubase performance at all!

Thx for answer, im appreciate for the help.
the big buffer size is a intention. I dont need low latency for matsering, and latency ist not my problem, but stability. Regarding audio interface, i got some problems les after last update. Audio interface has of course impact. But i cant say how much. I dont belive that one plugin made the problems. I think it’s more the combination of different plugins. The VST interface. But believing is not knowing.

Try dropping the buffers. I’ve seen quite a few instances of people reporting problems on the highest buffer size. I can successfully mix with mine at 64 but use 128 to be safe. You don’t need to come down that far but try something around 1024 or 512.

This sounds like a difficult problem to tackle. The only way forward I think is to take stuff out of your project to create the simplest project you can that shows the problem. Then change things systematically to see if you can find what’s the cause (change sampling rates, audio interface, plugins etc)

That you are getting so many different problems is puzzling.

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